Torchlight & My Campaign


We released a statement on September 7th, explaining why I would not be using plastic lawn signs during our municipal election campaign. We did say, however, that we were exploring alternatives. Today, I am excited to share what that means to me.

In partnership with Torchlight, we are making wooden signs. Torchlight has been active in this community for over 45 years, providing programs and services for adults with developmental challenges. I sat down with their core team this past summer and they shared with me how important access to meaningful programs, work and volunteer opportunities are to their participants.

Discussions have resulted in a collaboration. Our goal is to engage with members of the community in an impactful way, to be socially sustainable by offering work to long-time community members who have the resources to make signs with us. The second part of this goal is to use a product that is natural, biodegradable, and to show that we can set an example for reusable and eco-friendly options throughout our campaign.

Our intention is not to make hundreds of signs. The point is to do something differently from a community perspective. To be environmentally and socially sustainable, and to demonstrate our values through our actions. We’re doing politics differently and leading in a new direction.

Let this be a sign of the times.

Please take the time to see the great work Torchlight is doing every day, and to support them regardless of how you vote.


- Aggie Mlynarz