Municipal Slates

I am deeply disappointed in the mayor’s decision to campaign with certain candidates.

As it stands, it is currently not clear whether the mayor asked these candidates who have been singled out to run for him or if they approached him. I am not in the business of speculation.

I have spoken with a number of candidates about the slate dynamic, and made it clear that while we may share some perspectives on certain issues – and would want us to -- sharing our ideas informally and endorsing the candidates themselves are very different things. As mayor, it would be my responsibility to guide discussion, not demand adherence to my vision.

I believe candidates should represent themselves in how they are going to critically examine issues as they affect their ward. Instead we see the mayor attempting to consolidate power. What the actions of the mayor and these candidates demonstrates is a lack of being impartial. They are openly showing their predisposition to decisions next term.

These are the very mechanisms that fuel division. These are the types of tactics that we see affecting Toronto politics. As citizens of Guelph we must ask ourselves how we would be served by block voting. How could this benefit city services, community stakeholders, and emergency responders, and through them, the community members as a whole?

The purpose of seeking municipal office is to serve constituents, and distill their voices into policy that works for them. To listen first, and then act to build a better city and future – and be transparent when doing so.

The purpose of council is not to push through a predetermined agenda prioritizing the will of the mayor over citizens.

It’s up to you to decide on October 22nd.

-Aggie Mlynarz