This is Lucky. I met him on the last day of canvassing. He came to me as I sat nursing a sore knee after the 10th hour of canvassing. I want to say I’ve been lucky on this campaign trail, in some ways I have been, but the truth is that most of what happened came from hard work. 

To my dedicated volunteers, thank you. Much of our accomplishment rests on your shoulders... or should I say feet. Thank you for marching with me and getting our message out there, listening to people, caring about your community with me, and stepping up. 

To my supporters. Don’t stop. We can’t afford to stop. We can’t only check in every four years. We might care but we have to work to make that care show. I look forward to continuing the conversations that came forward from this election and I hope we all push for the next four years, because we need our care coupled with action most of all. 

Finally, to my campaign manager, Alexander, for the longest time we were a two person team with impossible odds. But that didn’t stop us from taking bold risks, doing things differently, and living our values. I’m so grateful to have partnered with someone who believes in the power of grassroots organizing and cared so much to bring that positive influence to Guelph. As you said to me, “we have done good work well.” Thank you. 

Remember: Change can’t happen overnight but movements also take time and we started something today that I don’t think we should let go of and we need to keep building.

And for now embrace the things in this community that make us so lucky. 

With love and hope. 

- Aggie